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8GB Pen Drive Recovery - All You Need To Know About

Pen drives has brought drastic change in lives of human beings allowing them to share and store large amount of data. These small portable devices come in different sizes and brands allowing users to store data accordingly. Pen drives works fast and comparatively have thousands of time more capacity than other resources because of no moving parts. Most of the modern Operating System support Windows, Linux, OS X and other Unix-like system support reading and writing data from pen drives that makes them flexible in nature. After the second generation of pen drives the trend of third generation pen drives has arrived that are 8GB pen drives with 3.0 USB connectivity units. Some popular pen drive brands are SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, HP, Sony, Moser Baer, iball and Toshiba etc.


Qualities Of 8GB Pen Drives Offered To Users?

  • Third generation USB drives with 3.0 connectivity
  • Capable to store large sized files effortlessly
  • Provides transfer rates up to 5Gbit/s i.e. 625MB
  • Compatible with all Windows OS versions with USB port 3.0
  • Comes in range from 5000 read/write cycle upto 100000
  • Ability to store all types of data including multi-media files
  • Help to transfer large sized files in precise manner


Issue with 8 GB Pen Drives

Just like other computer devices, 8GB pen drives also faces issues which include following

  • Unintentional formatting 8GB pen drives data causes lot of trouble for users which results in deleting all data from flash drives.
  • Accidental deletion also causes lot of annoyance for users resulting in loss of valuable items from 8GB pen drives
  • Virus infections or sudden power outages also cause 8GB Pen drives data loss which results in inaccessibility of data
  • Damaged file system also causes also caused 8GB pen drive data to become lost permanently


Sometimes taking some precautionary steps might help to avoid these issues data loss issues in 8GB pen drives. Therefore, it is recommended to have a look at these points while using pen drives to store data:

Make sure you have best anti-virus program installed in system to avoid virus attacks causing data loss in 8GB pen drives

Always backup vital files/folders to overcome data loss situations.

Avoid using 8GB pen drives with virus infected systems

Always eject pen drives using 'Safe to remove hardware' option to complete functioning of pen drive functioning


8GB Pen Drives Issues To Avoid Data Loss

If your pen drive has suffered data loss and you are in search of tool to get back 8GB pen drives data then there are two options available i.e. manual and professional ways. There are utilities named chkdsk and command lines used to verify system integrity and fixes logical file errors. But in certain cases where manual procedures fails to extract data from 8GB pen drives then utilizing professional ways to recover data is suggested to avoid data loss.


Professional Help?

If you failed to recover 8GB pen drive data using manual procedures then, acquire expert 8 GB Pen drive recovery tool which is rendered to recover corrupt, damaged, inaccessible and deleted data from 8GB pen drives effortlessly. The tool is equipped with powerful scanning modes that help to extract all types of data from Kingston, SanDisk, Transcend, HP, Sony, Moser Baer, iball and Toshiba etc. pen drive and restore all in healthy mode.

Facilities Offered By Tool

Some of the major capabilities of this notable software are discussed below

  • Help to recover corrupt, formatted and hard deleted items from pen drive
  • Powerful scanning options to extract all types' data from pen drive
  • Recover data from both FAT and NTFS partition
  • Advance Search option to extract specific keyword files from bulk pen drive data
  • Ability to extract data from 8GB pen drive on any Windows OS version
  • Help to retain metadata and original formatting of data during recovery

Pen drive 8GB recovery tool is available in freeware demo version facility that helps to provide an idea about how software works and what are the abilities of tool. The trial mode will help to provide preview of recovered items without investing in licensed version of tool. Once the abilities of tool get evaluated users can invest in licensed version of tool for availing the benefits of recovering and saving 8GB pen drive data.