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4GB Pen Drive Recovery – Get an Insight

Pen drives are removable storage devices that consist of a flash memory and an USB interface with no moving parts (Solid state). They are normally used for transferring data from one machine to another. Its insignificant weight and compact structure element brings in the comfort for users to carry data with them anywhere ensuring complete portability. The USB connector is present at one end of the pen drive and this is shielded either by a removable cap or simply by pulling it inside. The second generation of pen drives that are normally 4 GB pen drives can be differentiated from others because of their 2.0 USB connectivity. Some of the leading brands in 4 GB USB pen drives that are popular among users are Sony, SanDisk, Kingston, HP, Moser Baer, Toshiba, etc.


4 GB Pen Drive is Commonly Preferred by Users?

  • Flash drives with 2.0 USB connectivity
  • Transfer large files in a precise manner
  • Portable means of storing confidential data
  • Efficient file transfer speed as compared to USB 1.1
  • Read speed vary up to 30 MB/s and write speed at 15 MB/s
  • Compatible with every system with USB port 2.0
  • Plug and plays the audio and video media files


Problems with 4 GB Pen Drive

While working on 4 GB pen drives, it is normal to come across issues. Some of the problems which are generally faced by users are discussed below.

  • Data present on the 4 GB pen drive may get deleted when a system is unexpectedly shut down.
  • Virus or malware infection affects the pen drive resulting in damage and data loss.
  • 4GB Pen drive after plugged in shows zero bytes of data.
  • Errors prompting the inability to format; when the pen drive is chosen for formatting
  • Accidental formatting of pen drive without having a backup of the stored data
  • Errors which prompts that the USB device plugged in is not recognized by the computer.


Some of the errors discussed above occur due to the negligence caused by users or mishandling of the pen drives. In such cases, one should consider the following points for avoiding the errors in the near future.

Improper way of removing out the pen drive can cause damage and lead to its inaccessibility on system.

After saving the data on pen drive, one should safely remove the device before turning off the system.

How to

Resolve the Issues with 4GB Pen Drives

Considering the issues faced by user while using 4GB pen drives, one cannot really afford to lose important data while trying on the manual methods. In such cases, a third party solution like Pen Drive Data Recovery utility can be employed to recover and retrieve the corrupted, deleted, or formatted data from any pen drive.

A Smart

Way of 4 GB Pen Drive Recovery

If your 4 GB pen drive has been affected by virus then here is a common trick that would find its way out in removing the malware. Pen Drive Data Recovery utility enables users to scan and remove virus or malware infections present on the pen drive. Further, this tool aims of fixing some of the common problems faced by users while using the 4 GB pen drive on the system. Pen Drive Recovery application successfully executes the recovery of 4 GB pen drive of Kingston, SanDisk, Sony, and Transcend.

Prominent Features of the Software

Some of the major capabilities of this notable software are discussed below

  • Retrieve and recover corrupted images, videos, and music files from pen drive
  • Proficient scanning of 4 GB pen drives & successful retrieval of data from it
  • Advance filter based options to search an item from the recovered output
  • Generates the preview for the recovered data of pen drive with their attributes
  • Retrieve files that has been accidentally/permanently deleted from pen drive
  • Recovers data from NTFS and FAT formatted partition file system of USB drives
  • Recovery mechanism is compatible with all the major brands of pen drives

If you are really satisfied by the features of this notable tool then you can download the free trial version in order to test its performance aspects. The trial version only show the preview of all the recoverable items, but it does not allow users to save the recovered data.